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Danish Veterinary Consortium


The Danish Veterinary Consortium is responsible for the laboratory part of disease surveillance programs for serious infectious animal diseases that can affect the Danish livestock production. In addition, in conjunction with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (FVST), special surveillance programs are planned, targeting the wild fauna, where vectors (ticks, midges and mosquitos), wild birds and bats are monitored for selected viral diseases, including diseases with zoonotic potential, e.g. avian influenza, West Nile fever and rabies. The ongoing disease surveillance will reflect the current threat scenario for Denmark.

To maintain high animal health status, it is essential to ensure that new diseases are detected at an early stage. It is therefore necessary to maintain a certain volume of general, broad studies of cadavers and organs submitted from livestock production. In combination with early warning programs, submission of selected animal material from the wild fauna, monitoring of disease reports and attention directed to unusual patterns of mortality and changes in production data, will provide a broad and comprehensive warning system to limit and control new infectious diseases in Denmark.

Monitoring of new diseases is a challenge, since diagnostic methods for previously unknown diseases have not been developed. 


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